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Wine Cave


We anticipate that both members and their guests will relish the experience of wine tasting across the club. To enhance this experience, we’ve allocated an expansive area of 2,500 square feet solely for wine-related facilities. This area is free from distractions like televisions and cocktails. It features a meticulously crafted wine cellar by Thomas Warner, capable of holding 2,000 bottles in a temperature-controlled environment. Additionally, there’s a specially designed bar where members can enjoy sharing their wine selections. We’ve also included a climate-controlled locker room for the safe storage of members’ wine collections. On a regular basis, you can witness the spectacle of champagne sabering or the traditional practice of port-tonging


Members at Amador have the opportunity to lease a wine locker within our climate-managed Wine Locker Room. These lockers are available for securing collections of 6, 12, or 24 wine bottles, each safely stored under lock and key. Members can savor their cherished wine selections right at the club, or conveniently pick one for an evening out at a local dining establishment.