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A 21st century interpretation of the classic social club.


We’re creating a refuge in the busy city of San Francisco, a place where you can feel comfortable, appreciated, and surrounded by the best the world has to offer. But we aren’t taking this stuff too seriously. We’re keeping it light. We’re keeping it fun. We acknowledge tradition, but we won’t be trapped by it.

From elegant attire to leisure activities, life is about savoring the finest experiences. Whether it's the smoothness of a well-aged wine, the comfort of a perfectly tailored outfit, or the joy of a relaxing evening with friends, what truly matters is feeling at ease and authentic in your surroundings. It's about celebrating diversity in tastes and pleasures, and finding those moments that resonate with your true self.


The Main Bar & Lounge

The 10th floor bar combines the exclusivity of a classic private social club with the genuine camaraderie of a neighborhood pub. Enjoy ample seating around the large island bar for front row service or grab a table in the lounge for stunning views of a San Francisco icon, the Pyramid Building. At any given time, you’ll find members entertaining friends, family, colleagues, or clients over craft cocktails, a fine glass or bottle of wine, a dram of whiskey, and great food from the Club’s kitchen.

Surrounding the main bar are the private parlor rooms, Billiards Room, and Whisky Corner. 

Amador continues to evolve. We welcome members eager to honor cherished traditions and introduce their unique perspectives. Forget the old stigmas of social clubs, and experience the diverse, inclusive spirit of life at Amador.


Explore a diverse array of events, from enlightening speaker series to gourmet dinners, formal galas, and international cuisine journeys. Discover varied social gatherings and activities at the Club, catering to all tastes.

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Our private event spaces include our Wine Cave, Penthouse Parlor Rooms, and Rooftop Deck. We offer exclusive use or partial buyouts of our spaces. The venue features historic details with modern amenities.

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A Sample Of Our Member Events

…just to name a few.

Game Room

Discover a space where competition meets elegance. The former CEO office of the Bank of San Francisco now houses a stunning Billiards Room. It features a regulation Brunswick Treviso table, flat-screen TV, and AUX portable speakers, perfect for hosting up to 10 guests. Enjoy games and conversation with the impressive backdrop of the old Federal Reserve building.

Whisk(e)y Corner

Our collection of over 500 whiskies from various global regions is a testament to the Club’s dedication to whisk(e)y. Each quarter, we introduce our exclusive Wingtip Single Barrel program, where members and staff collaboratively select a unique Wingtip barrel for our community to savor. We take pride in hosting one of the world’s finest whisky assortments.

Parlor Rooms

One of the most cherished amenities at Amador is our private parlor rooms. With seating for four to eight, each room boasts its own unique design, inspired by the elegant and diverse styles reflecting our store’s origins.

Enhance your meetings with our integrated Bluetooth speakers. Delight your guests with our state-of-the-art Electric Mirror TVs, versatile for use as [1] a television, [2] a projector for presentations, or [3] a stylish mirror. Select from our parlor rooms, each designed with a specific purpose in mind: two are perfect for dining experiences, while the others offer a cozy ambiance for relaxation and conversation. Additionally, two rooms feature Darafeev game tables, ready for moments of friendly competition. Reservations are recommended to secure your preferred space, though walk-ins are welcome on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Leather Room
Cotton Room
Tweed Room
Velvet Room
The Wine Cave

At Amador, we extend a warm invitation to members and their guests to explore and enjoy our extensive wine selection. Our dedicated 2,500-square-foot space is a celebration of wine-inspired amenities, designed for relaxation and appreciation. Although primarily a serene haven free from TVs and the buzz of everyday life, this area does occasionally transform to accommodate cocktails and TV for special events. The heart of this space is a 2,000 bottle, temperature-controlled wine cellar, meticulously designed by Thomas Warner. Adjacent to the cellar is an elegantly appointed bar area, perfect for members to share and enjoy their preferred vintages, and a temperature-controlled locker room for personal wine storage. While champagne sabering and port-tonging are not nightly occurrences, these captivating rituals are performed during special occasions, adding a touch of spectacle and tradition to our club’s vibrant atmosphere.

Wine Lockers

Members at Amador have the exclusive opportunity to rent a personal wine locker in our temperature-controlled Wine Locker Room. Available in various sizes, these lockers can securely store 6, 12, or 24 bottles of your cherished wine. Whether you wish to savor a special bottle within the club's inviting ambiance or take one along for a dinner at a nearby restaurant, these lockers offer both convenience and a touch of luxury to your wine experience.

The Building

The Club occupies the two penthouse floors at 550 Montgomery in the original Bank of Italy Building. Constructed in 1908, it remains one of the oldest and most recognizable structures in the Financial District. The Bank of Italy would later become the Bank of America and the building would go on to be classified a national historic landmark. For six decades it stood before the arrival of its famous neighbor, the Transamerica Pyramid.

The Club

While The Club itself hasn’t been around since 1908, the rich history and heritage of our space serve as a constant inspiration. Spanning 22,000 square feet, both the store and The Club are meticulously designed to evoke a sense of timelessness and wonder. From the elegance of our main bar to the breathtaking views on the roof deck, The Club offers a unique escape — a serene haven where you can feel both removed from the city’s hustle and yet deeply connected to its vibrant pulse.

Your Private San Francisco Roof Deck

Considering Membership?

Amador is constantly evolving, embracing both time-honored traditions and fresh, innovative ideas brought by our members. We invite you to look beyond the typical perceptions of a social club and immerse yourself in the unique and dynamic experience that is life at Amador.

Wingtip is now Amador

A New Chapter Begins

For 15 years, Wingtip has been a distinguished presence in San Francisco, creating a tapestry of memorable experiences for its members. As we embrace our 16th year, it’s vital for our brand to reflect the club’s evolving spirit. Despite our endeavors, Wingtip’s perception as a ‘men’s club’ persisted, hindering our vision of becoming a destination for ALL who appreciate the finer things in life. A transformation was essential.