Wingtip is Now Amador:

Why Rebrand?

For 15 years, Wingtip has been a distinguished presence in San Francisco, creating a tapestry of memorable experiences for its members. As we embrace our 16th year, it’s vital for our brand to reflect the club’s evolving spirit. Despite our endeavors, Wingtip’s perception as a ‘men’s club’ persisted, hindering our vision of becoming a destination for ALL who appreciate the finer things in life. A transformation was essential.

Introducing Amador: A Name Rich in History

In our quest for a new identity, we delved into the history of our beloved location at 550 Montgomery Street, the Bank of Italy building (1908). Our exploration led us to Amadeo Pietro Giannini, fondly known as Amador. As the founder of the Bank of Italy, which later became Bank of America, Amador was a pioneer, democratizing banking for all San Franciscans. His groundbreaking initiatives included establishing a women’s department in banking and providing loans to immigrant merchants on a handshake to help them recover from the 1906 earthquake. Amador’s transition from prosperous banker to benevolent philanthropist echoes our club’s ethos. Naming our club after him is our homage to his enduring legacy.

Exciting Changes Await in 2024

The upcoming year is brimming with developments:

  • Historic Expansion: Our Club is proudly expanding into the historic ground floor, the original site of the Bank of Italy in 1908. This magnificent space, dubbed ‘The Bank’, will transform into a premier meeting space by day and a vibrant bar & lounge by night. As an Amador member, you’ll enjoy unrestricted access to The Bank.
  • New Membership Tier: To broaden our community, The Bank introduces a new membership level. This tier offers complete access to The Bank and selective entry to The Club, with upgrade options available. Enjoy the lively atmosphere of The Bank, connect with its members, and when you seek a more secluded setting, The Club upstairs awaits for dining or a relaxing cigar on the deck.

These enhancements are just the beginning of Amador’s journey. We’re excited to welcome you to this new era, where tradition meets transformation.